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Principal Charles Reynolds

At Starr Elementary School, our mission is to give our students the most opportunities to succeed both academically and socially.  We believe in educating the whole child by integrating the arts, music, and social learning in to our daily curriculum.

Academically, we strive to provide an integrated literacy approach to learning.  This is done with purposeful reading, writing and discussion as the modes of learning both content and thinking skills.  Students will be engaged with complex text and discussions as a part of their learning.  As we shift towards the implementation of the Common Core State Standards you will see a great deal of writing across all curricular areas.  Students will be demonstrating their learning in math, science, and social studies as they read and work with expository and informational text.  They will develop higher level thinking skills by analyzing and deconstructing works of fiction and nonfiction.  Our goal is to prepare our students to be learners, inquirers and lifelong learners. 

Socially, our staff at Starr works to develop a culture of connectedness between and among students, staff, parents, and the community through relationship building.  Our staff truly cares about each child as an individual.  We value the importance of building trust and relationships with our students in order for them to feel safe and comfortable enough to take risks and expand their learning.  Through the implementation of Safe and Civil Schools initiatives and the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, our school is a place where students respect and value diversity among one another. 

We work collaboratively with our PTA in order to offer our students a variety of learning experiences in and outside the classroom.  Through fundraising and volunteer efforts, our students are able to engage in numerous after school programs and classes as well as taking field trips that reinforce the learning that takes place every day.  Parents play an integral part in the support of our students.  We encourage parents to volunteer in any way they are comfortable.  It truly is a collaborative effort.

At Starr it is MISSION POSSIBLE as we reach for the stars!

Charles Reynolds, Principal

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